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We offer engineering services and not only

Hardware design

In the area of hardware design, Imola Engineering deals with the development of electronic circuits, embedded components and control systems, using cutting-edge technologies. Through an approach based on customer needs, the company offers tailor-made design services to ensure efficient, reliable and scalable solutions.


Software design

In the field of software design, Imola Engineering stands out for the development of customized applications, control software and intuitive user interfaces. Thanks to the expertise in the field of software engineering, the company is able to create solutions that perfectly integrate hardware and software, ensuring optimal performance and advanced features.

Concept and prototyping

With the aim of turning ideas into reality, Imola Engineering offers proof of concept and rapid prototyping services. Through a combination of technical expertise and cutting-edge tools, the company helps customers verify their ideas and obtain working prototypes, reducing risks and accelerating the development process.


CAD modeling 3D printing

The company also offers mechanical CAD services, using advanced design tools to create detailed and accurate 3D models. These models can be used for simulations, analysis and prototype production.

Imola Engineering is also dedicated to 3D printing, using cutting-edge technologies for the production of functional prototypes and customized parts. This process allows you to reduce development time and quickly test new ideas and concepts.


Through constant research and development, we are committed to discovering new technologies and methods that allow us to offer innovative solutions and anticipate the future needs of our customers.



We invest significantly in innovative research projects, collaborating with academic institutions and industrial partners to advance cutting-edge engineering solutions.


Through a collaborative approach, we explore new frontiers and tackle complex problems, trying to overcome existing limitations and creating cutting-edge engineering solutions.


We are dedicated to offering innovative, customized solutions that improve the efficiency, quality and performance of our customers' products, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing marketplace.


We believe that to keep pace with a constantly changing world, it is essential to adopt an innovative approach in our services. We invest in continuously updating our skills, technologies and advanced design processes to offer solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.


Our corporate culture fosters innovation, encouraging thinking outside the box, exploring new ideas and taking creative approaches to tackling engineering challenges. 

We adopt new emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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